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Project Powder

Project Powder 1.32

Free online snowboard simulator

Maybe summer is not the most appropriate season to practice snowboard, but Project Powder makes it possible – as long as you have a computer with you. Project Powder is a frenetic snowboard simulator that challenges you to play and compete against...
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  • by Anonymous

    I critically ENJOY this game of RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. what a nice game!!!!!!! i LOVE it also GM Tokara because she create this game PERFECT!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: RACING GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! like this game so nice!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD job GM Tokara!!!!!!!! have a nice day!!!!!! Cons: nothing everything is AWESOME!!!!!! YEAH LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Global Version of Project Powder = SnowBound Online. I like Project Powder, but it is almost dead, because the same game is now available in global, multilanguage service. It is called Snowbound Online and you can load it here: It has tons of more features like the new PvP Skill Ladder and many more maps. But the best is: it is completely free. So basically SnowBound is Proje More